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Dear friends of Salzkammergut 2024!

We ask for your patience.

Our work is also currently affected by the difficult circumstances everywhere. Until July 2020, when the Salzkammergut 2024 GmbH commences its business, only two persons from our team (Stefan Heinisch & Eva Mair) will be working on all urgent and necessary matters.

We therefore ask for your patience and understanding in regard to occurring cancellations, good ideas that will have to wait a little longer and work in public relations on a minimal level.

As soon as our ECoC company foundation process is completed, we are very much looking forward to
… returning with full wo*man power,
… being on the road again in the region,
… welcoming you all to our new office hopefully soon,
… further developing the program of our bidbook,
… preparing Open Calls for new projects (from 2021),
… opening positions,
… organizing events,
… welcoming our friends and colleagues from all over Europe to the Salzkammergut,
… walking together with you towards Salzkammergut 2024
… and many more.

See you soon!

This offers the chance to re-think the region within a European context, to analyse its strengths and weaknesses and to initiate a long-term perspective.
At the base for the application is a cultural development plan, which is currently drafted and which should serve as a framework for cultural policy. It comprises cross-sectional issues such as education, mobility, labour market, building culture, infrastructure, economy, tourism, migration, politics, environment and others.
Salzkammergut 2024 should address everyone living or feeling connected to the region. The essence of the region and how we want to live together in the Salzkammergut affects us all!
We are looking forward to your ideas under buero@salzkammergut-2024.at


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