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Dear Friends,

we are happy to see you here! After a short break around New Year, we are back and highly motivated for the upcoming year. At the moment, we find ourselves in a transition phase leading to the establishment of the Salzkammergut 2024 – Kulturhauptstadt GmbH later in spring.  In a short while, we will publish our bidbook in German (available online and in print at our office).

Additionally, our Salzkammergut info tour will take place in March. The tour stops and dates will be announced shortly. We are amazed how many people want to be part of Salzkammergut 2024. At the moment we can’t process any project submissions yet. Our Open Call for further ECoC projects will take place mid 2021. To stay informed about all dates, possibilities to take part in the project or calls, we recommend to register to our Newsletter at the bottom of this page. If you have any further questions or ideas, we are happy reading from you: buero@salzkammergut-2024.at.

Yours, Petra, Eva, Lisa, Stefan, Gottfried, Christina and Heidi

This offers the chance to re-think the region within a European context, to analyse its strengths and weaknesses and to initiate a long-term perspective.
At the base for the application is a cultural development plan, which is currently drafted and which should serve as a framework for cultural policy. It comprises cross-sectional issues such as education, mobility, labour market, building culture, infrastructure, economy, tourism, migration, politics, environment and others.
Salzkammergut 2024 should address everyone living or feeling connected to the region. The essence of the region and how we want to live together in the Salzkammergut affects us all!
We are looking forward to your ideas under buero@salzkammergut-2024.at


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