The life of a great artist between culture and barbarism

In the summer of her 15th birthday, on June 29, 1922, Alma Rosé made her debut as a soloist at the Bad Ischl Kurhaus. To mark the 100th anniversary, the Capital of Culture is organizing a stage play to remember this impressive artist. Alma Rosé - a name that should never be forgotten. The life of a strong woman and fascinating artist is associated with it. Her biography reflects the humanistic power of music - and how music can be abused by a cruel cause at the same time. Her Jewish descent becomes her undoing: the inhuman ideology of the Nazi regime concedes her no fame, no glory, not even bare survival. She does not survive the privation-rich imprisonment in the extermination camp: Alma Rosé dies in Auschwitz in 1944.

Corinna Harfouch (recitation), Latica Honda-Rosenberg (violin) and Hideyo Harada (piano) dedicate a touching program to Alma Rosé. From her first musical steps under the loving eyes of important musicians of the 20th century to her extraordinary work for life and hope in dark times, this intensive program illuminates Alma Rosé's vita and offers a captivating concert experience that relentlessly addresses themes of everlasting relevance.

Concert reading / word-sound collage

Artists Corinna Harfouch (Rezitation), Latica Honda-Rosenberg (Violine) und Hideyo Harada (Klavier)

Location Trinkhalle in Bad Ischl

Date 29. Mai 2022

Time: Admission from 6 pm BEGINNING: 7 pm

Information and ticketing

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