Hausmusik Roas 2022 - Salzkammergut Festwochen Gmunden

The Salzkammergut Festwochen Gmunden invite you to five musical journeys through Gmunden, Bad Aussee, Bad Ischl, Altmünster and Vorchdorf. Linger in these beautiful places and listen to the unique musical performances. Musicians will play traditional folk music originating in the Salzkammergut, as well as newly conceived folk music and classical Hausmusik. The aim is to create an open approach to folk music, enjoyable, joint music-making and a space for momentum.

Following an idea of Franz Welser-Möst, we are going on an exciting musical search for traces of world-famous composers such as Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms, Gustav Mahler or Hugo Wolf, who have always sought inspiration in their creative work in the Salzkammergut. Together, we want to take a new look at traditional folk music, encourage joyful music-making and revive the house music rooted in our region - passed down from generation to generation.

Making music from house to house

Concept Idea

"The initiative Hausmusik is intended to promote music in the broadest sense, above all to revive folk music with its many expressive possibilities. Especially in the Salzkammergut it can look back on a very long and distinctive tradition. Folk music has always been of great importance and has produced great things in this region. Many important composers who visited the Salzkammergut in summer - Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms, Gustav Mahler and Hugo Wolf - were inspired by this beautiful landscape.

Based on the concept of the Ebenseer Kripperlroas, the initiative has the vision that people go from house to house and get the opportunity to experience this intimate music-making as well as to be inspired to make their own music. The Capital of Culture 2024 is a welcome occasion for this valuable regional cultural asset to be cultivated again to a greater extent. However, the numerous activities of Hausmusik Roas are to continue beyond the year 2024. May the humus, which has also made my musical growth possible, gain its original strength again and again through lively music-making, and may house music continue to flourish in this region in the further future."

Franz Welser-Möst

Programm Overview

Xenia Hausner, ANDANTE,2012