Concept and Program Lines

Our core concept is based on the elements: SALT.WATER. These two elements are essential for everyone – but they are particularly essential for the Salzkammergut. For centuries, SALT and WATER have molded and shaped the region and its people. Four program areas have been designed to reflect these core elements: Power of Tradition, Power of Counterculture, Effects of (Hyper) Tourism and Flow to Retreat.

Our vision is to create an “inclave” of art and culture in the Salzkammergut. The word inclave is a combination of two terms – enclave and inclusion. Two opposing poles merge and create something new: the vision of the inclave. With our art and culture program, we want to open up a way into the Salzkammergut and connect the Capital of Culture region with Europe and the world.

Power of Tradition

This program area combines old and new traditions and ranges from music, handicraft, art, customs, theater and dance to inn culture, literature and politics. This program area helps us understand local and global identities. It is a search for traces of our regional history and identity, and at the same time reveals regional origin stories and connections to Europe.

(c) Gerhard Mair


Countercultural movements in the Salzkammergut originate from working class culture and are rather unusual for a rural region. Counterculture is still vital in the lake region to this day. The stubbornness and hard-headedness of Salzkammergut residents is infamous. We are not concerned by oppositional views – we welcome productive questioning, and hope to provide a space for challenging discourse and new, unconventional cultural forms and formats.

(c) Schwestern von Rigel 4


The effects of tourism are an issue in many places in the Salzkammergut. The region has always been much yearned for amongst travelers – and some places feel this more than others. This program area is dedicated to the manifold forms of this development. Aspects such as traffic, the encounter between locals and travelers and the type of travel are discussed under this theme.

(c) Gerhard Mair


Many people feel a thirst for retreat or the desire to withdraw. Gaining distance from the hectic hustle and bustle of everyday life and finding refuge are understandable wishes in uncertain times. The landscape of the Salzkammergut, a region with a long history as a summer retreat, is ideal for quenching this thirst. What is considered relaxation for people, however, can be stressful for nature and the environment. In this program area we will deal with this tension.

(c) Rocky Cody