Culture in Motion

The need for a clear cultural identity seems to be comprehensible in a world where everything is globally dependent upon each other. But is this so clearly demonstrable? The French philosopher François Jullien states that the nature of culture is change. Customs, traditions or a shared language are seen as resources that are generally available to all and which can be used in a wide variety of ways.

Culture in Motion

The need for a clear cultural identity seems to be comprehensible in a world where everything is globally dependent upon each other. But is this so clearly demonstrable? The French philosopher François Jullien states that the nature of culture is change. Customs, traditions or a shared language are seen as resources that are generally available to all and which can be used in a wide variety of ways.
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A life for art

A portrait of the writer Hansjörg Zauner by Judith Zillich

The show is dedicated to the Obertraun writer and visual artist Hansjörg Zauner (*1959; † 2017), who was the model for Judith Zillich’s painting for ten years.

(Original title: Ein Dichter aus Obertraun/Zauner/Zillich)

a reading with Bodo Hell

On March 22, the Capital of Culture organized a reading with Bodo Hell. The FriesacherFrauenZimmer are also taking part. A home evening of a special kind.

(Original title: Ein Leben für den Dachstein – Ein Abend mit dem Dichter und Almhirten Bodo Hell)

Innovative ceramics - Regional - International

Gmundner Keramik and OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH have created a new format with the Academy of Ceramics. The center of the focus is placed on the shared firing and the exchange between one of the oldest locations for the production of ceramics in Europe and internationally renowned contemporary artists.

Photo Art Project: Portraits of Extraordinary Senior Citizens in the Salzkammergut Region

Portraits will be made of “mature supermodels” in extraordinary outfits – from the modern, hip and wild all the way to the traditional, old-timey, classical, from “grand dames et messieurs” all the way to simple Sunday fashion. The aged Salzkammergut region in all of its facets. The portraits will be displayed in exhibitions in the elderly care facilities in order to open them up as well as to experience them as places of art and encounters.

(Original title: Åhnlroas – Alt:Neu:modisch)

Carte Blanche for Klaus Maria Brandauer

Klaus Maria Brandauer has been a member of the ensemble of the Burgtheater since 1972, of which he is an honorary member. In 1983 – 1989 he embodied the Jedermann at the Salzburg Festival.

The craftsmanship in art

Traditional crafts are especially preserved in Bad Goisern. The ANALOG! Festival is dedicated to the traditional crafts with contemporary artistic reference and looks for cooperations with the locality.

One touch - Distant and yet very close

Xenia Hausner, an internationally renowned artist, painter and stage designer who is well connected with the Salzkammergut region faces the societal and existential problems of our time in her first sculptural work.

Concert at lofty heights

The cult band Attwenger has its origins as much in folk music as in the alternative band scenes of the 1990s. For the 2024 Capital of Culture, the duo is climbing the Dachstein and playing at the summit for the first time.

A film by Bashir Qonqar

A film about the personal story of the Palestinian director and artist Bashir Qonqar, who had to leave Bethlehem and started a new life in Bad Goisern.

The Wittgensteins around the Villa Toscana

In the Villa Toscana of Margarete Stonborough-Wittgenstein, the sister of philosopher Ludwig Wittgensteinsich, people met every summer for creative meetings, exchange or musical and dance performances. In 2024, Villa Toscana will once again become a place of exhibition and salons.

An evening in the Salzkammergut's most spectacular sound space

A saltworks is a place for extracting salt, isn’t it? It is also a very special place to get a taste for the crystalline basic structures of Bruckner’s music.

The grand Finale - Capital of Culture and Bruckner Year

We, the European Capital of Culture and the Bruckner Year, celebrate our closing event in the enchanting Papierfabrik and jointly present what was especially important to us this year.

Hope: That was what strengthened us

Ceija Stojka is currently one of the most sought-after Austrian artists. Her paintings relate to her history as a child before, during and after the National Socialist era. The multidisciplinary exhibition at museum.ebensee 2024 also provides insights into her diaries, which offer a personal perspective on contemporary Austrian history.


A hymn for the Salzkammergut

Singer, musician and composer Bernadette La Hengst develops a program of songs with choirs from the region, dealing with current issues of the region.

The ground floor of the Art Nouveau villa at Bahnhofstrasse 13 in Vorchdorf was made available to the people of Vorchdorf for the year 2024 with a unanimous decision by the municipal council regarding the activities in the Capital of Culture year.

An advertising pillar magazine for the Ausseerland region.

The Narcissus Post, a magazine on advertising columns, deals with nature and traditions and examines the changes to which they are subject.

arts, culture and policies in Europe and Africa

Co-creation instead of colonial reservations: The Creative Europe project Deconfining arts, culture and policies in Europe and Africa builds bridges for a sustainable, fair, intercontinental cultural exchange and thus makes a contribution for the realization of the EU strategy for international cultural relationships.

Interactive exhibition

Digitalisation is everywhere and is influencing all areas of life and work. It is up to all of us to familiarise ourselves with new technologies and take advantage of the resulting benefits.

Where the Sun Rises

Interdisciplinary Impulses for a Cultural Center in Rural Alpine Space.
The Woferlstall Bad Mitterndorf has been programmed by the assocition E.I.K.E Forum since 2013. The impulse program East End Salzkammergut – Where the Sun Rises uses interdisciplinary formats to incorporate regional and European partners and participants and approaches local as well as regional challenges in their European dimensions.

(Original title: East End Salzkammergut – Wo die Sonne aufgeht)

A fantastic round dance by Heiner Goebbels

Proceeding from the First World War, “Everything That Happened and Would Happen” takes place in a location filled with props from the past. 16 musicians and performers deal with the challenges of the present and various ideas for the future.

The Declaration of Human Rights in light/visuals and sound

Flood is a dynamic projection mapping on the Johann Nestroy School building in Bad Ischl that the media artists Ruth Schnell and Martin Kusch have adapted for the 2024 European Capital of Culture Bad Ischl Salzkammergut. The facade of the building will become part of the spectacular animation whose visual basis is the text of International Bill of Rights, first adopted in 1948, which now comprises 30 articles and 17 additional articles.

land - rest - take off

The station Landungsplatz derails in the Capital of Culture year and becomes a place for tangible, self-determined fantasy: a loud invitation to everyone to invent birds and other flying creatures and counteract their extinction – but especially to children and their adults.

(Original title: vogelfrei)

Young people shape the future: Street art in public space

Future is Now! brings urban flair to the Salzkammergut and conveys the culture of street art and graffiti through workshops and artist residencies.

Music and ecology

Within the scope of the newly conceived seven-day Goisern Music Days, the state music school, which successfully conducted master classes and workshops for three decades, is placing a focus on contemporary music for the first time.

(Original title: Goiserer Musiktage für zeitgenössische Musik)

A personal experience in five days.

From your bathroom through a church, alpine meadows and stony deserts back into your daily life.
Numerous conversations with hikers, experts in futurology, church visitors and alpine pasture operators have resulted in a precisely composed audio piece whose tracks are assigned to specific stations along the way.

(Original title: Großer Welt-Raum-Weg)

Living in extremis

As part of the multi-part format, young people in dialogue with the region face the housing and living issues of the future and develop new impulses, perspectives and approaches with the residents.

(Original title: Hallstatt Denkwerkstatt 2024)

Young people at work

The project invites young people to try their hand at arts and crafts. In this way, they develop their own interest and an understanding of traditional crafts.

The festival laboratory for the region's club event

As an interdisciplinary event in a sacred space, Holy Hydra puts the discourse between club culture, religions and society on a broader level.

In search of lost times and new hopes

Five authors are invited to take a look at the Salzkammergut region, the Capital of Culture, with their very own view.

(Original title: Heimat-Welt)

Acoustic assaults of a special kind

Unannounced and with changing line-ups. Hubert von Goisern will perform as a street musician in all 23 municipalities during the Capital of Culture Year.

New sounds in the Parzival Dome of the Dachstein Giant Ice Cave

Extraordinary musical experiences in probably one of the most remarkable “concert halls” in the world – the Parzival Dome in the Dachstein Riesene Ice Cave Obertraun.

(Original title: Eisklang)

Letter culture between private and public

The project invites people to reread letters from their own environment and make them available to us: Because these personal documents reflect the life of the region, contemporary events and their impact on the lives of the authors.

(Original title: Briefgeheimnisse interaktiv)

Tribute to Stefan Zweig

In cooperation with the Stefan Zweig Center in Salzburg and the Austrian Society for Literature, the European Capital of Culture Region is offering high-quality readings of his critical writings and speeches on the topic.

(Original title: Reise aus der Welt von Gestern in die Welt von Morgen)

Traunseetram stops become public art spaces

The Traunseetram, both an inner-city means of transport and a regional train, connects people with cultural capital locations, history, tradition and modernity. Passengers experience sustainable art (installations) at stops and thus also visions of energy and mobility.

Communities and Culture On Screen

Under the title “Let’s live together! Communities and Culture on Screen”, KINO EBENSEE, together with CROSSING EUROPE, is bringing a multi-day international film show with film guests to the only preserved art house cinema in the Salzkammergut and is designing a practice-oriented outreach programme for young people aged 15 to 20 from the region.

Musical by Aksel-Otto Bull and Gisele Kverndokk

World premiere at Musical Frühling Gmunden 2023. Since 2015, theater makers Elisabeth Sikora and Markus Olzinger have been establishing Gmunden as a venue for Austrian and German-language premiere performances in what is probably the most modern genre in theater history, the musical.

(Original title: Briefe an Ruth)

A regional interpretation of the Libertalia story as a performance. This was the result of the SALT LAB.

At the “Marketplace of Ideas”, artists, creatives, entrepreneurs & politicians exchanged ideas about the submissions and the projects to be realized in the Capital of Culture year.

(Original title: Marktplatz der Ideen)

Salzkammergut Special

Since they first met at Starmania in 2006, Martin Zerza and Tom Neuwirth have travelled from the countryside to the city.

(Original title: Frau Thomas und Herr Martin)

A living installation in the Lederermayerhaus

A house becomes a place of exchange of living history of its surroundings. The history of the Lederermayerhaus dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. Among other things, it was the location of a fishmonger and the house of a Lederer trade. It was farm and a loving cat house, cared for by its last owner.

(Original title: Museum der Erinnerung)

Regional Traditional Instruments Meet Contemporary Electronic Music

This project combines traditional instruments such as the zither, dulcimer and fife with contemporary electronic music. The sound characteristics of traditional and nearly vanished instruments from the region will be paired with new and unusual styles of playing.

(Original title: Musikmaschine)

Self-Managed Youth Program

How do young people want to live? How do they see the present and the future? What are their concerns and needs? The European Capital of Culture offers young people a platform where they can independently implement their own ideas.

a (living) audio theater in the Traunsee Tram

The train as a place of everyday anonymity and fleeting encounters becomes the setting for the complex travel and life routes of some of the passengers.

(Original title: Unterwegs – ein (lebendiges) Hörtheater in der Traunseetram)

A nomadic project on a quest

Prosperity (Afterparty) is a project with many controversies. By illuminating the themes from a wide range of disciplines, a continuous discourse results. Among other things, opposites such as the standstill of tradition and the further development of technology are negotiated. Gaps are filled between history and the future. Urban-elitist understanding of art meets rural romanticisation of art.

(Original title: Wohlstand Afterparty)

Communities in dialogue

A networking project of Austria’s independent media. This project is an exchange and networking event with workshops, small conference and discourse events between international partners and representatives of the independent media in Austria within the scope of the 2024 Capital of Culture.

Culture and reading furniture for public space.

A piece of furniture as a place where culture and reading come together. A place that encourages residents to linger and enables both encounters and retreats: all this is the “culture bench” – designed as a modular system.

(Original title: LESEBANK.2024)

one for all, all for one

With the European Capitals of Culture, impulses are set, models of the future are worked on and cultural developments are conceived with art and sent out into the world: it is a matter of the unifying visionary power that Europe, just like the Salzkammergut region, has and needs through cultural diversity. We are living in times in which Europe has to find its position in the world anew and, in doing so, it is not only a matter of shared rules, guidelines and bureaucracy, but instead much more about the question of the role of culture as a source of power that provides identity.

a fairy tale of salt and ice

A visually stunning children’s music theatre project inspired by the legends, salt mines and ice caves of the Austrian Salzkammergut with the artistic vision of  pop-up paper sculptures, origami techniques and paper engineering.

Loosely based on "Kali – eine Vorwintergeschichte" by Peter Handke

Paschen (a rhythmic clapping tradition in the Salzkammergut region), a former salt mine and a novel by Peter Handke: the mobile chamber opera by Gerhard Stäbler is the mythic journey of a woman into the land of her childhood.

Queer Communities in Rural Areas

In order to facilitate the exchange of experiences among like-minded people and seekers also in rural areas, the women’s* drop-in centres contribute to the establishment of a queer community in the Salzkammergut with this project. The aim is to provide a home base and infrastructure for an active community that will exist beyond the project period. The second goal is an experimental short film series and artistic photo positions that convey queer life in the Salzkammergut via social media.

Walking Art Project

The Walking Art Performance developed by Hamish Fulton leads from Salzweg in Gmunden to Steeg, in 7 consecutive days.

Until We Are More Than Gold: A Triptych

Selma Selman – artist and activist of Romani origin from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who currently lives between Bihać, Ružica, Amsterdam and New York, takes a stand in Salzkammergut

Young people in search of traces

Students of the HLW Bad Ischl start a search for traces on the almost forgotten topic “Siebenbürgen in the region”.

A sound installation between Notre Dame Cathedral and the ice caves on the Dachstein.

The US artist Bill Fontana is developing a sound sculpture as an artistic statement on the consequences of climate change.

Kulturmittwoch in den Schulen integriert

As part of the European Capital of Culture 2024, a Culture Wednesday will be introduced into the schools, daycare facilities and educational institutions.

(original title: SKUL (Schule Kultur Lernen))

Contemporary art opens up a new venue

The “Schlachthoffestival” festival connects international and local artists from the fields of visual arts, music, literature, theater and performance.

Art project in public space

SOLANGE (German for AS LONG AS) is a participatory and dialogue-oriented art project in public space that aims to raise awareness and draw attention to inequalities.

A cosmos of traditions, folk dances and folk music

In an experimental way, four performers and musicians make use of traditional alpine live music, various group dances and ritualistic practices.

Improvisational theatre has the ability to take on any conceivable topic spontaneously

David Wagner and ten grandees of the Austrian improvisation theatre scene will ask the population of 16 Capital of Culture communities about their ideas and concerns on the topic of culture and process the results between May and September 2023 in 16 improvised theatre live shows.

(Original title: Sog’s uns, Soizkammerguat!)

Give diversity a stage

Illustrious people have responded to the casting call for “The Big World Theatre”. They find themselves in a closed room and are asked by the creator to improvise from “birth to death”. Who is this mysterious entertainer with his two angels?

(Original title: Das Große Welttheater)