Goisern Music Days for Contemporary Music

Within the framework of the newly conceived 7-day Music Days Bad Goisern, there is for the first time a focus on contemporary music, respectively on the topics of ecology, sustainability and music.

(Original title: Goiserer Musiktage für zeitgenössische Musik)

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Salzkammergut 2024
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Wolfgang Schlag (Curator)
Peter Brugger, Christian Kapun (Project Leaders)
Christian Haselmayr (Project Management for the 2024 European Capital of Culture Salzkammergut)

Sept. 2024

About the project

A project of the Bad Goisern Music School in Cooperation with the 2024 European Capital of Culture Salzkammergut Region

With the newly conceived seven-day Goisern Music days festival, the state music school, which successfully conducted master classes and workshops for three decades, is placing a focus on contemporary music for the first time.

Within this, a focus will be placed on the topics of ecology, sustainability and music. Young musicians, composers and mediators are increasingly confronted by aspects of the climate. On the one hand, these are practical questions that come up within the music industry. What does a “green event” mean? How do I shape my work as a musician in a more sustainable manner, e.g., in reference to traveling?

In terms of content, however, as well, the areas of ecology and sustainability offer new opportunities for the shaping of programming or also new starting points for compositions. Music, art and design play a significant role especially in the development of sustainable new technologies.

Things will kick off within an impulse symposium exploring the general topic – here, 10 instructors from music universities and professional orchestras in the areas of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments, ensemble conducting, performance practice and programming in contemporary music will come together and work. A prominent composer in residence will also develop performance in the region together with the students. Place for between 60 and 100 students will be offered. The results of the week will be incorporated within an academic symposium and in workshops on the topic of ecology and music and will also provide material as well as new ideas for the continuation of this work in the coming years.


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