Reading on Rails

A train that takes you on a reading journey: Between Attnang-Puchheim and the Salzkammergut region, a set operates as a traveling library.

(Original title: Lesen auf Schienen)

Subject to change
Salzkammergut 2024
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Mag. Nunu Kaller (THINK kallerful), Dr. Silke Seemann (Austrian Hideaways) (Project Leaders)
Sonja Zobel (Project Management for the 2024 European Capital of Culture Salzkammergut)


About the project

Reading on the Train Through the Salzkammergut Region – the Traveling Library

As a part of the 2024 European Capital of Culture, the train between Attnang-Puchheim and the Salzkammergut region will be transformed into a traveling library. A train which will travel exclusively on this route will be equipped throughout with bookshelves or hanging bags of books which will, in turn, be stocked with books by publishing companies. The cooperation partners for this project are the Lesehotel, publishing companies and booksellers. Additional trains on this route will also be equipped with individual book shelves.

In the fully equipped train as well as in the additional trains, information will be provided regarding the cultural technology of reading as well as its benefits (meditative, recuperation, inner peace). In the long-term, Lesen auf Schienen (Reading on Rails) would like to awaken enthusiasm for the topic of deep reading and reading, reading aloud, listening and writing. Encouraging people to read whose joy of reading was lost over the course of their childhood. Many people live within the region who write themselves and who sometimes experience this as the only way in which they can express themselves. Using writing and reading, we can connect the new with the old and the native with the foreign.

Alongside the ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways), Thalia is also planned as a partner in order to provide a direct reference as to where the books, which are intended to be left on the train, can then be purchased. In doing so, both the bookshop in Bad Ischl as well as the online store will take part in the project.


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