New Salt Festival

The New Salt Festival examines electronic music and contemporary composition and, in doing so, places a focus on interdisciplinary and multimedia projects.

Subject to change
© David Visnjic

Ursula Winterauer, Maximilian Zeller (Curatorial Team)
partnerincrime (Production)
SALT – Verein für undisziplinierte Künste (Project Organizer)
Christian Haselmayr (Project Management Salzkammergut 2024)


About the project

The events will already being taking place in 2023 and the New Salt Festival will ultimately culminate in a multiple day festival in the fall of 2024. Using a variety of formats and forms, the New Salt Festival will bring together trendsetting musical and aesthetic positions that reflect the spirt of the times through music and art production. The reality which is observed as given will be shaken up, renegotiated and classified.

In doing so, the center of the New Salt Festival will be formed by concerts, sound installations and audiovisual works that incorporate the established locations as well as taking place within new frameworks that are still to be discovered. In addition, the New Salt Festival sees itself as a platform for exchange and communication, as a social space and as a connecting element between artists and interested parties. Interventions in public space, artist residencies and workshops as participatory, open formats will create points of connection and search for sustainable synergies.

Using multiple levels and taking place over a time period of one-and-a-half years, the New Salt Festival extends from contemporary composition to avant-garde electronic music all the way to contemporary guitar formats and danceable club music while opening up spaces for discussion and exchange and setting old subjects and ideas in a new light.


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