The Blickpunkte Film Festival is one of the Culture Companion Projects of the Capital of Culture 2024 and will start already in the next few days with a kick off to the short film workshop "Our Free Spaces".


Kick Off: Short Film Workshop "Our Free Spaces

When: May 14-15, 2022, online launch on May 4, 2022.

Where: Treibgut - The Gastro in the Moserei, Kalkofen 6a, 4644 Scharnstein

  • Participants produce their own short films on the built environment, which then become part of our festival program. In addition, short portraits of innovative projects in the Capital of Culture region will be produced in collaboration with Mies.TV. 
  • Mies.Magazin: Paula Brücke and Bernhard Mayer
  • For whom: For film and architecture lovers aged 15 and over. Children and young people under the age of 15 can attend with an accompanying adult.
  • Themes Topics: Who owns the street and public space? Who is allowed to move there and how? What routes do we take and how? Do we all have the same access to urban space, to shopping opportunities, to green spaces? What do children and young people need or want for spaces and places in the city? What do we do with empty buildings? And does our city also offer sufficient mobility for senior citizens?
  • What is needed? We film mainly with our private smartphones. Microphones and tripods will be provided for the shoot. Cameras and laptops can be brought along.

More detailed information will follow in the online introduction. 

Contact & apply with brief justification by May 2, 2022 to: Marlene Rutzendorfer

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A cooperation of: Wonderland - platform for european architecture, Mies. Magazine and Cycle Cinema Club within the framework of the Salzkammergut 2024 Capital of Culture.

Fotocredit: Mies.TV