salzkammergut 2024


According to the Dictionary a NODE is:

  • a point where important routes come together
  • the effective centre of an activity, region or network
  • the central part of a wheel, from which the spokes radiate

We have met at Nodes, networked and found new ways for the Salzkammergut. Each Node was dedicated to a theme. In a relaxed atmosphere we exchanged opinions, perspectives and ideas. The results from the Nodes were collected in the Salzkammergut 2024 office and were taken into consideration in the design of the cultural development plan and the application to the European Capital of Culture.

THANK YOU for the numerous, exciting encounters!

Youth Culture #1
9.5.2018, 5 pm
Youz Bad Ischl

How are young people in the region doing? Which desires and needs do they have? For this Hub we linked up with the youth meeting, organised by the mayor of Bad Ischl, Hannes Heide.

Art & Culture
16.5.2018, 7 pm
Lehar Cinema Bad Ischl

What’s happening in art and culture in the region? What is there and where is need for action? For this Hub we linked up with the culture meeting, organised by the mayor of Bad Ischl, Hannes Heide.

Language Culture
22.5.2018, 7 pm
Kirchenwirt Gosau

„Heast mi geh? Vastehst mi?“ (dialect for: Do you understand me?): How do we speak: past-present-tomorrow? Which languages are actively spoken? How has the linguistic landscape in the Salzkammergut changed?

Architectural and Building Culture
23.5.2018, 6 pm
HTBLA Hallstatt

Rising property costs, second homes and high infrastructure costs are topics that affect virtually every municipality. Also different forms of living and architectural styles are discussed controversially: how shall we design the future architectural and building culture in the Salzkammergut?

Emperor Culture
24.5.2018, 5 pm
Stables, Kaiserpark Bad Ischl

Emperor City, Emperor Train, Emperor Fest, Emperor Ice cream, Emperor Stroll,…What significance does the Emperor hold for the Salzkammergut? How do we deal with the historical heritage?

Salt Culture
28.5.2018, 3 pm
Rudolfs tower Hallstatt

Salt is eponymous for our region and has influenced its history fundamentally. In which ways did it shape the landscape and its people? Which relationship to salt do we still have today?

Learning Culture
1.6.2018, 6 pm
Lehar Cinema Bad Ischl

What frameworks are needed for learning? Which educational offers can we find in the region? Where is need for additional supply? For this Hub we linked up with the EU LEADER project ‘Future Education Salzkammergut’.

Food Culture & Agriculture
4.6.2018, 7 pm
Fairteiler, Scharnstein

Where do we source the food on our plates from? How are farmers in the region doing? Which food supply do we find regionally?

Mobility Culture #1
13.6.2018, 9 am
Traunsee tram

Mobility is crucial for an interconnected region! What’s the status in the Salzkammergut? Who is moving where and how? This Hub was staged in the Traunsee tram!

Tourism Culture
13.6.2018, 2 pm
Hotel Royal Bad Ischl

The Salzkammergut has been shaped by tourism for more than 150 years. While Hallstatt for example is overly frequented, other municipalities struggle for more tourists. How do locals deal with tourists? In which way should tourism develop further?

Event Culture
15.6.2018, 6 pm
Kapuziner Convent, Gmunden

There are numerous events taking place annually in the region. How is the supply arranged? Which conditions do event organisers find? What’s the state of the regional networking?

Youth Culture #2
18.6.2018, 6 pm

Kapuziner Convent, Gmunden

How are the young people in the region feeling? Which desires and needs do they have? How do they view the future of the Salzkammergut?

Mobility Culture #2
21.6.2018, 1 pm
Lichtsaal St. Wolfgang

Mobility is crucial for an interlinked region! How are things standing in the Salzkammergut and in particular around the Wolfgangsee? Who is moving where and how?

Tradition Culture
21.6.2018, 3 pm
Lichtsaal St. Wolfgang

Traditions are integral elements in the yearly calendar. Almost every village in the Salzkammergut has its own rituals. Which roles do traditions have in present times? How do they develop further?

“Sommerfrische” Culture
26.6.2018, 4 pm

Municipality Hall St. Gilgen

“Sommerfrische” (summer retreat) is the yearly seasonal relocation from cities to the rural environment. The Salzkammergut has for more than 100 years been a popular destination for people on the lookout for a summer retreat. What does that mean for the region and its inhabitants? How is the Sommerfrische developing?

Industry & Digital Culture
11.7.2018, 3 pm
WKO (Economic Chamber) Gmunden

Many places in the Salzkammergut are shaped by industry and working men and women. At this Hub, we deal with the past, present and future of work in the Salzkammergut and also confront ourselves with the effects of digitalisation.

Craft & Design Culture
23.7.2018, 3 pm
WKO (Economic Chamber) Bad Ischl

Carving, sewing, pottery, forgery, carpentry, wood-turning, embroidery, roasting,… Artisanry is hugely facetted and rooted in manifold ways in the Salzkammergut. Which importance does it have for our every day life and our society? And what about the design culture in our region? 27.7.2018
Bad Gastein

How does Bad Gastein deal with its history as ‘k.u.k. Kurort’ (imperial spa resort). What do Bad Ischl and Bad Gastein have in common? Is there a joint cultural heritage?
How will – during the festival Sommer.frische.kunst – ‘Sommerfrische’ be propelled into the present?