Bioregional Assembly Salzkammergut

18/07/24Thursday, 13:00 - 20:00further appointments Kunstquartier StadtgartenJohann Tagwerker-Straße 12, 4810 Gmunden
BAS__Henna Burney
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Bioregional Assembly_Salzkammergut develops a network of material, human and infrastructural resources in the Salzkammergut region and shows how these can be assembled in a way that could strengthen local ecological, economic and social systems in the future. The Salzkammergut region will be used as a case study and a 'test kitchen' for the implementation of bioregional design practices. An overview of all participating projects will be presented at the opening on 6.7.

 Focus exhibition:
The Colombian designer and materials researcher Henna Burney from Atelier LUMA, a program of LUMA Arles, worked together with Salinen Austria AG and investigated salt mining in Altaussee as well as salt processing and production processes at the production facility in Ebensee. In close cooperation with internal experts of the company, a series of material experiments were carried out, such as salt crystallization, integration of salt in ceramic production and salt compression. The aim of the project is to develop prototype products and processes that can demonstrate new systemic applications of salt in the Salzkammergut region. The results will be exhibited and presented at the ‘Opening Event’ on July 6th.

From 6.7 – 29.9.2024, a permanent exhibition in the former greenhouse of the Stadtgarten Kunstquartier Gmunden will present all projects within the framework of Bioregional Assembly__Salzkammergut. In parallel, individual projects will be highlighted in a series of changing special exhibitions. From June 2024, the presentation and developments of the projects will be documented on the Bioregional Assembly__Salzkammergut Instagram channel @bioregional_assembly
The Opening Event on 6.7.2024 will provide an overview of all projects and ongoing research and discuss possible synergies between all project partners involved. At the Closing Event on 27.9.2024, all projects developed within the framework of the Bioregional Assembly_Salzkammergut will be presented and their possible future continuation discussed.
Accompanying the opening and closing events, Andrej Koruza, Gaja Mežnarić Osole and Danica Sretenović from the Krater Collective from Slovenia will offer alternative perspectives on the Stadtgarten KunstQuartier Gmunden through a film screening of “Feral Practices”, a performance lecture “Table of Curiosities” and 1:1 Krater’s Feral Coaching Sessions. Their contributions are supported by SKICA – Slovenian Cultural Information Center in Austria.

Guided tours:
6.7 – 29.9.2024
Thursdays, 18:00

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