European miners’ and smelters’ day

Europe celebrates its miners' traditions with thousands of participants in Bad Ischl
Friday, 00:00
Duration 72h
Bad Ischl
Auböckplatz 5 , 4820 Bad Ischl
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In 2024, the European Miners' and Smelters' Day will take place in Bad Ischl from May 24 to 26, with 2000 to 3000 participants expected from all over Europe. Miners' associations mainly from mining regions in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and France will be on site to celebrate their miners' traditions together.

The program includes, among other things, a festive evening with concerts in a large marquee in Bad Ischl on Friday (May 24). On Saturday (May 25), there will be a youth orchestra meeting of the saline bands as well as a club day, where associations from Ischl can present themselves to the public. Also planned for Saturday are excursions to the Hallstatt and Altaussee salt flats, to the Via Salis in Bad Ischl and to the salt works in Ebensee. KHS GmbH will also be involved in providing the supporting program. Excursions are planned among other things to the journey of the picture exhibition in Lauffen. Highlight will be on Saturday the performance of the Knappentanz. On Sunday (May 26) a mountain parade with all participating miners’ associations will move through Bad Ischl to the festival tent. KHS GmbH is participating in the European miners’ and smelters’ day and is curating part of the music program for the festival tent. The event is also transported via the communication channels.

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Bad Ischl
Auböckplatz 5 , 4820 Bad Ischl

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