Keynote: Water is the gold of the future

Keynote speeches and subsequent get-together
Friday, 17:00
Duration 5h
PKS Villa Bad Ischl
Engleitenstraße 17, 4820 Bad Ischl
Online event
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5 to 10 p.m.: 2 impulse lectures and subsequent get-together at Villa Rothstein (PKS).

A conference of a special kind / Experts in personal conversation.

“It is our job to stir up unrest, to stir up effective responses to destructive events, but also to calm the troubled waters again, to rebuild calmer places.” – Donna Haraway

The core concept of the European Capital of Culture Bad Ischl Salzkammergut 2024 is based on salt and water, as well as the resource wood, which made the mining and processing of the vital and namesake “white gold” possible in the first place. These three elements still characterize the region today. In view of the advancing climate change and the aspired climate change, water is a key factor, which we focus on in “Water is the gold of the future – the somewhat different climate conference” and negotiate with experts from the sciences, arts and practice.                                                                     

An unconventional innovative mode allows to hold a climate conference of a different kind. Interested parties can curate their own visit and choose from around 50 transdisciplinary expert positions per day. They book half-hour time slots in advance with the persons of their choice. The knowledge format is embedded in the exhibition Sudhaus. The venue will be the old brewhouse in the town center of Bad Ischl, as well as the Villa Rothstein or PKS-Villa. The brewhouse was once used industrially for boiling the brine to salt, currently it is a vacancy, which will be awakened for 2024. The Villa Rothstein is located a bit away from the town center and houses numerous models of a family of tinkerers (contemporary representatives: Ingrid and Jörg Schauberger), who have dedicated themselves to the essence of water and are the local sponsors of the project.

Project leaders: Jörg and Ingrid Schauberger
Project management Salzkammergut 2024: Christina Jaritsch

Globalokal – Building the New
PKS Villa Bad Ischl
Engleitenstraße 17, 4820 Bad Ischl

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