Myth power

09/03/24Saturday, 19:00Duration 3hWoferlstall Bad MitterndorfKurpark 1, 8983 Bad Mitterndorf
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Alexander Buschenreiter conveys the meaning of myths of traditional cultures in his lecture about the world view and myths of the Hopi and other American Natives, who once spent many days also in the Hinterbergertal to spread their ecological, political and spiritual messages.
Musical support: RONJA* Singer/Songwriter - (Raphaela Shalman) - deals with Indian wisdom and sounds and performs from tradition & modernity.

Myths Power”, coordinated and supervised by Michael Benaglio, is about a constructive-critical approach to “myths” and their differentiated reception in historical and contemporary references. The power and influence of myths – from general-social to its regional aspects – will be brought to the stage, presented and reflected in multiple ways – scientifically as well as artistically.

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Woferlstall Bad Mitterndorf
Kurpark 1, 8983 Bad Mitterndorf

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