PEACE NOW! – The Artist’s Voice

An Exhibition by Peter Noever

01/09/24Sunday, 09:00 - 17:00further appointments Trinkhalle Bad IschlSparkassenplatz 5 , 4820 Bad Ischl
Hero Poster Test_v2
© Marina Abramović, "The Hero" C-print, Spain, 2001 Photo: Courtesy of the Marina Abramović Archives


The expansive installation presents 28 positions / manifestos by the participating artists on the theme of peace, with posters designed especially for the exhibition that are available in a limited edition.

Artists who advocate the confrontation of free thought and other points of view are defamed or hushed up. The intention of the exhibition ‘Peace Now ! – The Artist’s Voice’ is to open up a forum, a platform, a space for artists for a moment. In this exhibition, the Trinkhalle in Bad Ischl becomes a physical place where a place of silence and harmony, a ‘shrine of peace’ is to be created.

Marina Abramović, Sergei Bugaev Afrika, Bazon Brock, Julius Deutschbauer, Kendell Geers, G. Gutenberger, Jenny Holzer, Edgar Honetschläger, Freddie Jelinek, Donald Judd, Ilya + Emilia Kabakov, Anish Kapoor, Zenita Komad, Andrea Lenardin, Mark Mack, Peter Noever, Raymond Pettibon, Wolf dPrix, Eva Schlegel, Kiki Smith , Iv Toshain, Paul Virilio, Manfred Wakolbinger, Peter Weibel (Artists)

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Trinkhalle Bad Ischl
Sparkassenplatz 5 , 4820 Bad Ischl