Accompaniment during cultural visits

Culturebuddies are volunteers who open the doors to cultural life for others.

(Original title: Kulturbuddy)

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Teresa Kaineder, Petra Holzinger (project management)
RegionalCaritas, church projects + initiatives for the Capital of Culture Salzkammergut 2024 (project organiser)
Catholic Church in Upper Austria, counselling: Caritas Vienna, Verein Unicum Mensch Innsbruck, other NGOs in the region

Christian Haselmayr (Head of Programme Music, Youth, Community Building)


About the project

Art and culture are for everyone – or so you would think. But for many people in challenging life situations, the barriers to being able to use cultural offerings are great. Even if they can be used free of charge, the feeling often remains that access to these offerings is not for everyone. There can be various reasons for this: Lack of information, limited mobility, affordability or fear of the unknown. This uncertainty about access to cultural offerings may be easier to overcome if you have a companion by your side.
Culturebuddies are volunteers who are supposed to help overcome hurdles and visit an event in the field of arts and culture with individuals or small groups. They act as door openers into cultural life, thereby making a social contribution, helping, explaining the circumstances or simply being there. The project will begin with a concept and activation phase in 2023; in 2024, the program will be built up in order to be able to exist independently and sustainably from 2025.

Anyone who enjoys attending cultural events and would like to take someone with them as a culturebuddy, contact