Dachstein Storytelling Walk

Associated project

A theme-based walk with transdisciplinary stations.

Subject to change
Dachstein Storytelling Walk
© Dominik Nostitz-Rieneck

Eugene Quinn, Dominik Nostitz-Rieneck (artists, project managers)

Stefan Heinisch (Programme Manager Tourism, Mobility, Regional Affairs)

starting may 2024

About the project

Visits by local personalities, spontaneous interventions, poetic and musical interludes: an immersion in the power and atmosphere of this region and becoming acquainted with or getting to know more deeply its special features are a part of the adventure. European and local perspective communicated over the course of evening songs and storytelling. The participants will bring their own perspectives with them and thus create a shared story – the only thing predetermined is the route. Over the course of future years, the Dachstein region will be traveled, experienced and told on different routes, always during a different season.

3-day hike (German and English) for max. 25 people.
Details and costs will be announced later.
Registration at Thursdays@verein08.at.