Lisel Salzer – Lisl Weil – Hilde Spiel

Three female artists - Three female friends

Assoziiertes Projekt

Three artist friends are at the center of the exhibition: the painter Lisel Salzer, the illustrator and performance artist Lisl Weil and the writer Hilde Spiel.

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Lisel Salzer – Lisl Weil – Hilde Spiel
© ANNO - Österreichische Nationalbibliothek

Marie-Theres Arnbom (Curator)
Supported by Land Salzburg

Martina Rothschädl (Head of Programme Remembrance Culture)


From June 2024

About the project

The connections between these artists are close and multifaceted: Lisel Salzer paints Hilde Spiel, with whom she experiences a love affair with two Belgians during a summer in St. Wolfgang, an incident that provides the template for Hilde Spiel’s novel Verwirrung am Wolfgangsee [Confusion at Lake Wolfgang]. Lisel Salzer also painted Lisl Weil’s family – the portraits are in the family’s estate in New York and are being shown to the public for the first time in the exhibition.