Out and About on the Ischl Culture Trails

An English Version of the Trails and Website for International Visitors

More than 280 monuments in Bad Ischl can be discovered – even by non-German-speaking visitors – with pictures, text and location information via smartphone.

(Original title: Unterwegs auf den Ischler Kulturpfaden)

Subject to change
Trinkhalle Bad Ischl
© Wolfgang Stadler

Johannes Eberl (Chairman of the Ischler Heimatverein, project organiser)
Ischler Heimatverein (project organiser)
Egon Humer (FIRSTMEDIA network GmbH) (artists)

Stefan Heinisch (Head of Programme Tourism, Mobility, Regional Affairs)


About the project

The Bad Ischl Kulturpfade, or culture trails, offer an uncomplicated option for finding and informing oneself about the culture memorials in Bad Ischl on the internet. More than 280 monuments with images, texts and information about the location can be access as round trips using a smartphone.

The presentation of the cultural moments is currently only available in German; at the same time, the technical prerequisites for making an English version available already exist. Over the course of the 2024 European Capital of Culture, an internationalization (translation) for international visitors will be conducted, meaning that the existing texts by prominent writers known beyond the borders of Bad Ischl should be translated into English as a supplement. A certified translator has been found for the translation of these very specialized texts.