Pins of Remembrance – Remembrance Culture Bad Ischl

A commemorative project by the municipality of Bad Ischl in cooperation with the artist Teresa Distelberger

Associated project

The project “Culture of Remembrance in Bad Ischl” deals with the fact that there is almost no evidence of a culture of remembrance in public space with regard to the National Socialist era – although there is plenty of history worth remembering with many Jewish residents and guests of the region affected by Nazi persecution, as well as the well-known resistance activities in the Salzkammergut.

Subject to change

Municipality of Bad Ischl (project sponsor)
Teresa Distelberger (artist)
Karoline Wibmer (project support for remembrance culture work)
Nina Höllinger, Wolfgang Quatember, Michael Kurz, Marie- Theres Arnbom (historical research, texts)
Kurt Lux (historical counselling and co-initiator)
Christian Kloyber (historical counselling)
Günter Kaindlstorfer (Editing)
Markus Gamsjäger, Studio Hausna (design and production of the pins)
Michaela Landwehr, Michilangelo (graphic design)


About the project

In a participatory process with local historians, the artist Teresa Distelberger dedicated herself to the multi-layered stories from the 1930s/40s in Bad Ischl. 

Oversized pins now mark selected places in Bad Ischl with history(s) related to the Nazi era, which can be found with a map. The map is available at the tourist office, at Salzkammergut Touristik and in the municipality of Bad Ischl and can be downloaded from the municipality’s website.

It is possible to visit only individual pins or to make a complete circuit and follow the walking route “Jewish Ischl”, the cycling route “Resistance” or the large cycling route with all “pins of remembrance”.

  • The “Jewish Ischl” walking route offers exemplary insights into the fate of former Jewish residents of Bad Ischl and into the activities of the Ischl “Ariseurs”.
  • The “Resistance” cycle route starts at the railway station and leads far out of the centre. On the way, it honours several courageous people and many a good hiding place.
  • The cycle route “Pins of Remembrance” combines the marked points of “Jewish Ischl” and “Resistance” – whoever follows this route will find all 12 pins.

The pinheads can be opened to reveal pictures and stories about true historical events at the respective location. More information, short films and music videos on the individual topics can be found via QR codes and further down on this website. Some of the videos were created together with people in the region.

The past seems long gone, yet it is still present. If you take a closer look and want to know more, you will find its traces.

More information and download of the map: Website of the municipality of Bad Ischl