Probably the best Hotel in the World

Travelling with imagination

“Probably the best hotel in the world” is an imaginary hotel; mobile, demountable and regional. It was never built! It consists of air, sound, imagination – and a meadow near Bad Mitterndorf.

(Original title: Das vermutlich beste Hotel der Welt)

Subject to change
Das vermutlich beste Hotel der Welt

CHEZ COMPANY, Gesine Danckwart, Fabian Kühlein, Sabrina Zwach (artistic direction)
Johanna Meyer
(Set Design)
Luise Wilhelm
(Art Director)
Antonia Michalski
(Press Officer / Social Media Manager)

Sonja Zobel (Head of Programme Performing Arts and Literature)
Carla Ohler (Assistance)

June 2024

About the project

Guests at what is probably the best hotel in the world book their visit. At this booked time slot, guests are welcomed at the hotel reception, given access to their respective room and to a headphone system. This opens up a personalised audio experience that is dedicated to the desires of family fun, business lounges, single activities, wellness, peace and intimacy or sportsmanship in parallel to the theatrical spectacle on the lawn or in the stables. The audio experience guides guests through the hotel and simulates a stay in the region. “Probably the best hotel in the world” is perfectly located: the wild meadow has a fantastic view of the surrounding mountain range. The audio track shifts perception, with guests travelling in their heads to global hotspots or beaming through time.

Questions are raised such as: What makes a place unique? Who has what desires? Which tourism do we reject and which are we attracted to?

Two-hour hotel visits can be booked – guests can linger at our hotel bar afterwards. The booking package includes regional drinks, a hotel alternative in rainy weather, the hotel bar in a stable and many theatrical surprises.