Salzkammergut – Ausseerland

Resistance and partisan movement 1943-1945

Peter Kammerstätter collected the experiences of people who would otherwise not have had a chance to speak. Without his tireless work, only a few fragments about the resistance movement in the Salzkammergut would be known today. This publication is a reminder of these people.

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Raphael Besenbäck (Editor)
Peter Kammerstätter (Author)

Lisa Neuhuber (Head of the Remembrance Culture programme)

Publisher Bibliothek der Provinz
777 pages with approx. 192 b/w illustrations, German, format 24.5 x 17 cm, hardcover with ribbon marker; facsimile edition
ISBN: 978-3-99126-252-7
€ 44,00

Published: February 2024

About the project

This publication is a minor sensation. In 1978, Peter Kammerstätter, a contemporary history researcher from Linz, self-published what is probably the most important source to date on the subject of “Resistance in the Salzkammergut”.

Born in 1911, the historian – himself a concentration camp prisoner during the Nazi era – conducted extensive interviews with resistance fighters from Ausseerland and other places in the Salzkammergut region about their experiences during the dark years of National Socialism. Resi Pesendorfer and Marianne Feldhammer were among Kammerstätter’s interviewees, as were Maria Plieseis, Alois Straubinger and Karl Gitzoller. More or less all publications on the subject of “Resistance in the Salzkammergut” that have appeared in recent years and decades refer to Kammerstätter’s “collection of materials”.

Now, finally, for the European Capital of Culture year Bad Ischl Salzkammergut 2024, Kammerstätter’s pioneering publication is available in a beautiful, representative book edition.