The Little Prince – Reloaded

The language of our children in word and sound

Da kloane Prinz – Reloaded (The Little Prince – Reloaded) is an innovative musical literary audio and stage production with a subsequent public information and participation station, based on the world famous children’s book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. A Pilot Project for Easily Accessible Cultural Education and Personality Development for Children, Beginning with Primary School Students.

(Original title: Da kloane Prinz – Reloaded)

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The Little Prince – Reloaded
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Andrea Fellinger, Martin Sturm, Christian Kapun, Petra Perner (Project Leaders)
Volksschule Concordia, Bad Ischl Landesmusikschulen Bad Goisern, Bad Ischl, Ebensee Modeschule Ebensee, HTBLA Hallstatt, HLW Bad Ischl (Cooperation Partners)

Christian Haselmayr (Head of Programme Music, Youth, Community Building)


About the project

The primary participants are students from the Volksschule Concordia primary school and the state music schools of Bad Ischl, Bad Goisern and Ebensee. The project speaks to all children and families of the 2024 European Capital of Culture in their role as designers of our shared social and cultural life of today as well as co-decision makers of tomorrow. On his search for the most important things in life, the little prince travels to the Capital of Culture Bad Ischl – Salzkammergut. He meets children at the crossroads of their lives as kids and the power of traditions, conventions and roots. An animal friend reveals that big and yet everyday secret (“You only see well with the heart / Ma siacht neta min Herz guat”) of bonding, trust and solidarity that unites all of us – regardless of how old we are, where we come from and where our wings will take us.

Da kloane Prinz – Reloaded (The Little Prince – Reloaded) animates young and old alike to actively deal with the central questions of life. It encourages the participants as well as the listeners to critically question the topics (from the environment to bonding). This meaningful project that has the ambition to be repeated supports children in the negotiation of their identities – no matter whether it is question of the I, locally or globally.