Valerie and the Good-Night Swing

A musical picture book with lots of poetry and hearty wit

World premiere based on the book by Mira Lobe, adapted by Michaela Obertscheider. Start 3 pm, admission 2 pm

(Original title: Valerie und die Gute-Nacht-Schaukel)

Subject to change
© Theater des Kindes

Michaela Obertscheider (Director)
David Wagner (Music)
Michaela Mandel (Equipment)
Julius Stolz (Assistant Director)
Franz Flieger Stögner (Lighting design)
Katharina Schraml, David Baldessari (Play, Artists)
Michaela Obertscheider (Curators)
Kindergruppe Regenbogen, Stallungen der Kaiservilla (Responsible for the project)

24.3.2023, 15:00-16:00

About the project

She NEVER wants
To her bed at night
Still wants to chat
Still wants to sing
Wants to swing up and down
On the swinging board
Every night the same game
Cause Valerie won’t go to sleep
says daddy
Go to bed now

Original Text:

Die will NIE
Abends in ihr Bett
Will noch plaudern
Will noch singen
Will noch auf und nieder schwingen
Auf dem Schaukelbrett
Jeden Abend dasselbe Spiel
Weil Valerie nicht schlafen gehen will
sagt der Papa
Geh jetzt ins Bett

Valerie doesn’t want to go to bed. She wants to go on the swing. There are still so many things to experience, and daddy has to and should come along! Please Daddy give me a push! And so they travel together on a flying carpet to a faraway land, sail far out to sea, go to grandma and grandpa’s and experience lively, colourful stories in the nursery. Again and again, sleep overtakes Valerie, but with a lot of imagination and irrepressible playfulness she fights against it – and wins. But will Valerie get tired soon?

Michaela Obertscheider has adapted the well-known story for the Theater des Kindes and added some poetic songs. A musical picture book with lots of poetry and hearty wit.