2. Salon: Away from the Bodice – Towards the Bodice

Emilie Flöge, fashion and the liberation of women

18/05/24ganztagsDuration 24hVilla ToscanaToscanapark 6, 4810 Gmunden
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© Rudolf Jobst (1908)


Was it really the liberation from the bodice that gave the women's movement the air it needed to breathe? What was it about the corset that suddenly reappeared in the fashion of our time? Was Vienna around 1900 really the fashion city par excellence next to Paris?

Lectures and discussions with the audience alternate in a salon with top-class participants. An exhibition with numerous valuable original works of art will round off this thematic block.
On the evening of May 18, performance of “Beloved Muse – Emilie Flöge”. (Acting: Maxi Blaha, text: Penny Black, Director: Heidelinde Leutgöb, Live Music: Georg Buxhofer).

Macht und Tradition, Kultur im Fluss

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Villa Toscana
Toscanapark 6, 4810 Gmunden