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Ein Tag am Bauernhof


The sixth farm day takes us to Elisabeth Klanner vulgo Butterer in Gößl am Grundlsee.

Elisabeth took over the family farm in 2015 and has been running it full-time with great dedication since 2019. The farm has 9 hectares of grassland, some forest and a 16-strong herd of cattle. The animals are put out to pasture from mid-May and spend the summer on the low and high mountain pastures, which are looked after by the farmers themselves.

The fresh milk is processed daily into yoghurt, fresh and semi-hard cheese in the farm’s own cheese dairy. At present, all cow’s milk specialities are still 100% marketed via the farm shop, but the products will soon also be available in the surrounding shops.

What influence does agriculture in the Salzkammergut have on the landscape and tourism? What is the effect of the landscape conservation fund in Gößl? What impact do the EU organic guidelines have on a small-scale farm like the Buttererhof? We can find out about these and other questions on 8 June.

Outline of the day 08:00-16:00 (programme items may vary depending on the weather)

  • Welcome and arrival
  • Mowing green fodder
  • All about milk processing on the farm
  • Making fresh cheese or yoghurt
  • Preparing a Styrian speciality together for lunch
  • Visiting the herd of cattle on the pasture
  • Haymaking together – weather permitting . weather permitting 
  • With a bit of luck, we may even be able to marvel at marmots at close range
  • Communal finale

 Max. Number of participants: 10 people
Participation only after registration by email to:
Bring weatherproof (work) clothing and shoes! A photographer will be on site to document the day. By taking part, you automatically agree to being included in the photos.


Address: Gößl 14, 8993 Grundlsee
If you need a lift, please contact in good time.

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