Beloved Muse – Emilie Flöge

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Emilie Flöge
© Heinrich Böhler, 1909 (Wikimedia)


Was it really the liberation from the corset that gave the women's movement the breathing space it needed? What is the story behind the corset suddenly reappearing in the fashion of our time? Was Vienna around 1900 really the fashion capital par excellence alongside Paris?

Due to the great interest, we have decided to hold another additional performance of the play ‘Beloved Muse – Emilie Flöge’ in June. (Acting: Maxi Blaha, Text: Penny Black, director: Heidelinde Leutgöb, live music: Georg Buxhofer)

“Beloved Muse” is an exploration of art, fashion and the nature of love. The piece is a solo performance by Maxi Blaha, who takes on the role of Emilie Flöge, fashion designer and Klimt’s partner. The role was tailor-made for Blaha, tall, elegant and unapproachable, she could have stepped out of one of Klimt’s paintings.

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