C’est BEAU! – It’s Beautiful!

13/09/24Friday, 19:00 - 20:15further appointments Kur- und Congresshaus Bad AusseeKurhausplatz 144, 8990 Bad Aussee
10€ on site
C’est BEAU! – It’s Beautiful!
© Cheickna Wague


The one-act inclusive dance performance "C'est BEAU! - It's Beautiful!" by DK-BEL and 6e Sens will be performed at the Kurhaus Bad Aussee and in Grundlsee/Gößl at the Rostiger Anker (outdoor).

For several years now, the French company DK-BEL has been putting on performances in which dancers with and without disabilities perform together. The audience’s reaction is often simply: “That’s beautiful…” 

The choreographic work “C’est BEAU! – It’s Beautiful!” by DK-BEL and 6e Sens is based on the concept of beauty according to the poet Charles Baudelaire, who combines beauty with the bizarre, the strange, chaos, pain and the fragility of living beings. “C’est BEAU!” adds the impulse of flight as a powerful symbol of optimism and unity. Based on these concepts, the piece, danced by an international group of dancers with and without disabilities, explores how beauty can form a bridge between personal, collective and even universal feelings. It is all about connection, togetherness, goodwill and mutual respect.”

“C’est BEAU!”, which also forms part of the opening ceremonies of the Paralympic Games in Paris 2024, offers the world a unique, non-conformist and emotive vision of beauty that forms a symbiosis with the places where it is performed and the personal impressions of its inhabitants.

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Kur- und Congresshaus Bad Aussee
Kurhausplatz 144, 8990 Bad Aussee
Kinder: up to 18 years free of charge, Behinderung: free of charge, Students, civil and military servants up to the age of 26, Raika customers, Kulturcard holders: €8,