Course of the Glöckler in Steinbach am Attersee

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Gloecklerlauf Steinbach
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Postponed to 6th of Jannuary 2023 due to rainy weather!

The groups start at 18:00 in Weißenbach and Blümigen, at 18:30 in Kaisigen. The meeting of the three groups at the village square will take place at about 20:15.
Food and drinks will also be provided at the village square.

Please note that the date is valid until revoked. Covid measures in effect at the time will prevail.

On the 5th Janaury each year the Glöckler parade takes place in Steinbach am Attersee. On the eve before Epiphany man in white clothes with big, handmade and shinning hats run through the village. The Glöckler want to drive out the bad and bring blessing into the village and houses. Not only grown ups but also little boys are proud to be a Glöckler. When the big and small ones come together they make a round dance to present their beautiful hats and ring their bells.

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