Courtyards, houses, potential

remodelling culture

20/06/24Thursday, 18:00Duration 3hPfarrzentrum AltmünsterMünsterstraße 1, 4813 Altmünster
Kindergarten Unterach
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An event whets the appetite for remodelling culture

What opportunities arise from the utilisation, preservation and further development of existing buildings? What visions become reality when we revitalise what is already there? We take a closer look at good examples from all over Austria, consider the perspective of the owners and ask: “What can good planning do?”  
Finally, Rurasmus students show what the housing of the future could look like. During an “Auf-Land-Semester” in the Salzkammergut, they have fictitiously brought existing buildings back to life.


  • Welcome & introduction
    Martin Pelzer, Mayor of Altmünster
    Josef Schilcher, Head of Altmünster Building Authority
    Anneke Essl, LandLuft
  • Rebuild, continue to build, utilise
    Jürgen Wirnsberger, Hohengasser Wirnsberger Architects
  • Planned – Inhabited
    An interview with Caroline Rodlauer (rosa Architekten) and Doris Gugler (owner of the Aschbach-Markt community centre)
  • Existing buildings have potential!
    Rurasmus flashes “Living of the future – for Salzkammergut 2024” with a short think tank

Moderation: Elisabeth Leitner, LandLuft
Followed by open-air snack & music

Globalokal – Building the New

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Pfarrzentrum Altmünster
Münsterstraße 1, 4813 Altmünster