Europäische Kulturhauptstädte zu Gast; Nova Gorica – Gorizia – KOMBO-BC – “BRAVERY of the BRAVE”

28/11/24Thursday, 20:00 - 22:00Pfarrheim Bad IschlAuböckplatz 6c, 4820 Bad Ischl
© Luca D´Agostino


The new project by internationally renowned percussionist Zlatko Kaučič is part of the Capital of Culture 2024 - closing ceremonies and at the same time handing over the baton to the European Capitals of Culture 2025, Nova Gorica, Slovenia – Gorizia, Italy.
ZLATKO KAUČIČ: Music, Conduction (Nova Gorica-SLO)
ŽIGA IPAVEC: drums, electronic drums (Nova Gorica-SLO)
ROBI ERZETIČ: drums (Nova Gorica-SLO)
TOMI NOVAK: drums, electronic drums (Nova Gorica-SLO)
TILEN KRAVOS: E-Guitar, Acoustic Guitar (Nova Gorica-SLO)
TIMI WEATHER: E-Bass (Nova Gorica-SLO)
ANTON LORENZUTTI: E-Guitar (Gorizia-I)
MATJAŽ BAJC: double bass (Nova Gorica-SLO)
JURE BORSIČ: alto saxophone, clarinet (Nova Gorica-SLO)
FLAVIO ZANUTTINI: trumpet, electronic (Gorizia-I)
IVAN PILAT: baritone saxophone (Gorizia-I)

Zlatko Kaučič is known for his more than 55-recorded albums, which brought him remarkable acclaim from the press. He has played in numerous ensembles with world-famous musicians such as Steve Lacy, Alexander Balanescu, Evan Parker, Peter Brötzmann, Paul Bley, Kenny Wheeler, Ab Baars, Paul McCandless etc.
Now he presents his new project with musicians from Slovenia (Nova Gorica) and Italy (Gorizia) entitled “Pogum pogumnih” (The Bravery of the Brave).
It is a suite dedicated to extraordinary people.
The ensemble, under the direction of Zlatko Kaučič, includes seven of his students, and three esteemed Italian guest musicians: Anton Lorenzutti on electric guitar, Flavio Zanuttini, trumpet and electronics, and Ivan Pilat on baritone saxophone.
The suite premiered and recorded at the 2021 Jazz & Wine of Peace Festival.
“Not only the message is clearly understandable, but also the music impresses with a high degree of energy and joy of playing” (Andreas Fellinger, freiStil)
“The music of our old acquaintance sounded powerful, sometimes grand and stormy, definitely one of the best performances Kaučič has presented at our festival.”
(Mario Batelič, Primorska val)
“The concert by percussion jazz veteran Zlatko Kaučič was one of the highlights of the festival.” (Saša Dragoš, Primorske novice)

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Pfarrheim Bad Ischl
Auböckplatz 6c, 4820 Bad Ischl