Exhibition: Mailart

28/04/24Sunday, 10:00Duration 2hSchrift- und Heimatmuseum "Bartlhaus"Museumstraße 16, 4643 Pettenbach
Mailart ingo cesaro
© Mailart von ingo cesaro, 2023


Different people are invited to write to the Bartlhaus and thereby deal with a cultural technique that is currently disappearing from our society. Visitors are invited to send Mailart from the Museum of Writing.

The Bartlhaus has an important collection of bookplates. These are small printed pieces of paper that were originally stuck into books to indicate who the book belonged to. The sheets later became popular collector’s items and well-known artists dedicated themselves to the medium. The Bartlhaus has been organizing changing bookplate exhibitions on various topics for 30 years. As part of the European Capital of Culture, it wants to celebrate this small form of prints with a special campaign that represents an exciting sign of life in contemporary prints and continues the history of bookplates with sophisticated current works. Around 20 artists are invited to create a bookplate for themselves in any edition using a printing technique of their choice. By selecting the artists, we try to bring together as many different printmaking techniques as possible in the exhibition. A copy of each participating artist’s edition will be shown in the exhibition in the Museum of Writing and will then enter the house’s collection.


Liselotte Bittendorfer, Franz Blaas, Markus Daniel, Martin Dickinger, Therese Eisenmann, Barbara Fuchs, Lena Göbel, Martin Gredler, Inga Hehn, Hans Heis, Peter Huemer, Elisabeth Jungwirth, Hanna Kirmann, Petra Kodym, Ingo Kreutzer, Gabriele Müller, Angelika Offenhauser, Hermann Ortner, Ludwig Ortner, Alois Riedl, Annerose Riedl, Wolfgang Stifter, Helmut Swoboda, Ingrid Tragler, Heinz Vinkov, Heimo Wallner (Künstler*innen)

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Schrift- und Heimatmuseum "Bartlhaus"
Museumstraße 16, 4643 Pettenbach