Folklore event “Glöcklerlauf” in Vorchdorf in the Almtal valley

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with wind group and three wise men

The home and culture association and the market town of Vorchdorf cordially invite you to visit the traditional customs event!

5:45 p.m. Wind group
from 6 p.m. figure run and three holy kings

The Glöcklerlauf always takes place on January 5th in the center of Vorchdorf. The Glöckler have been running in Vorchdorf since 1950. The Glöcklerlauf is one of the most impressive winter customs. On the last Rauhnacht of the Christmas festival on January 5th, the white-clad Glöckler with their magnificent caps and bells run in after the prayer bell at 6 p.m. from all access roads on the Schlossplatz in Vorchdorf. With their noise they want to drive away the bad spirits, wake up the good ones and remind the grain of its duty. The light in the caps indicates that winter has been overcome. It is said to conquer darkness and cold and to ask for happiness and fertility. According to an old custom, the figures are run counter-clockwise.

Runner registration: 0650/3456681

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