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Wir im Salzkammergut
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"The Salzkammergut is a good place to...?"
What stories have you always wanted to tell?

Do you enjoy making theatre, writing stories, telling stories or simply trying out something new? For our European Capital of Culture project, we are looking for interested people aged 13 and over who would like to develop their own theatre project within a week. As part of the European Capital of Culture Bad Ischl Salzkammergut 2024, artists from the Landestheater Linz will work with the participants on the stories they associate with the region and things they have always wanted to tell about their home town. They will research, rehearse and develop together, culminating in an exciting presentation of the results.

Who: anyone aged 13 and over, no previous experience necessary
Where: Bad Ischl
Introductory meeting: 10 May at 17:30
Pre-rehearsals: 3 and 4 July, in the evening
Rehearsals: 8 July to 12 July
Presentation: 13 July and 14 July
Further information and registrations by 21 June 2024 at:

We in the Salzkammergut Region

Ideas, feelings and thoughts begin to flow through theater games: We in the Salzkammergut Region works as an intermediary in order to offer participants from the region scenic instructions for stories. How can local encounters and shared experiences expand the view of Europe as a whole and, at the same time, provide a new foundation for regional interactions? The theater education department of Landestheater Linz works with the population on topics that move them. Together, they will research, rehearse, develop and, at the end of the project, an exciting presentation will exist, with people from the area for people from the area.
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Macht und Tradition, Kultur im Fluss

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