Hausmusik Roas: Counter & Strings 3.0

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Alois Mühlbacher
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The "Counter&Strings" programme is now in its third edition.

With this concert series, Alois Mühlbacher and the Spring String Quartet have developed a new facet in the field of classical chamber music. 

Alois Mühlbacher | Countertenor
Christian Wirth | Violin
Marcus Wall | Violin
Julian Gillesberger | Viola
Stephan Punderlitschek | Violoncello

In this way, they succeed in creating a new space for the “countertenor” voice, which is usually associated with heroic roles in operas by Handel, with Bach passions and indeed with baroque music in historically informed performance practice. Together they dare to delve into rock and pop music, but also into the romantic song with specially composed arrangements. Alois Mühlbacher, who has already caused a sensation as a soloist with the St. Florian Boys’ Choir with cross-border recordings, also shows as an adult countertenor that he has something extraordinary to offer in all styles.

Since its foundation in 1997, the Upper Austrian “Spring String Quartet” has been one of the leading jazz-rock-classical crossover string quartets in Europe, shattering all the usual “violin music” clichés and redefining the artistic expressive possibilities of the classical string quartet.

Together with Alois Mühlbacher, the ensemble produced a highly acclaimed music video three years ago: the Queen song “Don’t stop me now” (in an ingenious arrangement by Georg Wiesinger with music by Mozart).

This success gave rise to an artistic friendship that has developed over the years into a love of the extraordinary.

In “Counter&Strings 3.0”, the jubilarian Anton Bruckner will be heard in unusual arrangements. An evening that celebrates the love of music, the courage to be unconventional and the interplay between the two musicians.

About the Projekt

Hausmusik Roas wants to take a new look at traditional folk music, encourage people to make music with relish and revive house music that is rooted in our region and has been passed down from generation to generation. The numerous activities and concerts of Hausmusik Roas started in 2021 and shall continue to have an effect beyond the Capital of Culture Year 2024.

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