Hausmusik Roas – Schneeberger & Bakanic Quartett

Avanti Avanti

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Hausmusik Roas
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Hausmusik Roas takes a new look at traditional folk music and encourages people to enjoy making music.

Diknu Schneeberger is one of the world's most profilished guitarists in the tradition of gypsy swing. With his debut album "Rubina", released in 2007, the then 17-year-old Viennese quickly became a shooting star on the scene and received invitations to perform on major stages and festivals, where he caused an international sensation.

By a happy coincidence, his musical paths crossed with those of Austrian accordion virtuoso Christian Bakanic. The latter initially also profiled himself in international jazz projects and classical chamber music ensembles and is now finding his way back to the Styrian harmonica and thus to his folk music roots for the first time in 20 years.
The basis for the two virtuosos’ creative heights is formed by the equally well-rehearsed and sensitive rhythm section with Julian Wohlmuth on rhythm guitar and Martin Heinzle on double bass. Eagerly awaited by audiences and music industry experts alike, the album “Avanti, Avanti” was released in September 2023 as a musical autumn firework.

With their refreshing “Alpine Swing”, the quartet enchants in a matter of seconds. The Viennese musicians’ compositions focus on the interplay of catchy melodies and virtuosity. A successful mixture of gypsy swing, Balkan jazz and new folk music will have the audience flowing through the evening both turbulently and gently, and it becomes clear after the first few bars: this quartet knows how to enchant both the heart and the ear like no other.

A cooperation with the cultural department of the municipality of Laakirchen

About the Projekt

Hausmusik Roas wants to take a new look at traditional folk music, encourage people to make music with relish and revive house music that is rooted in our region and has been passed down from generation to generation. The numerous activities and concerts of Hausmusik Roas started in 2021 and shall continue to have an effect beyond the Capital of Culture Year 2024.

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