Opening: GREEN

30/08/24Friday, 18:00Duration 4hAurachmühle AltmünsterAurachmühl 3, 4814 Neukirchen
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Cultural Work About and With Natur

What do we do with nature and what does nature do with us – science is confronting us with apocalyptic visions of climate change, ruthless exploitation, species extinction and natural disasters. The project asks artists about their way of handling the topic and develops diverse strategies and actions in the form of vivid statements and exhibitions. This takes place in a global sense, but also with a special look at the Salzkammergut region.

Participating Artists: 

Anna und Bernhard Blume (Berlin), Sonja Braas (Siegen & NY), Uku Sepsivart (Rakvere/Estonia), Mirko Baselgia (Alvaschein/CH), Asta Gröting (Berlin), Krištof Kintera (Prague), Lois Hechenblaikner (Dornbirn), Katrin Hornek (Wien) (Participating Artists)
Konferenzen „Green“, „Klima“, „Microfarmers“, u.a. (Cooperation Partners)
Gottfried Hattinger (Curator)

Christina Jaritsch (Head of Programme Climate Change, Gender Diversity)
Hannah Kickert (Production)

Globalokal – Building the New

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Aurachmühle Altmünster
Aurachmühl 3, 4814 Neukirchen

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