Opening: Villa Karbach

How scurrealism comes into the world

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Villa Pantschoulidzeff in Traunkirchen
© Villa Karbach


How scurrealism comes into the world

Deputy Mayor DI Dr Ulrike Feichtinger, Head of Municipality Iris Loidl, Artistic Director Elisabeth Schweeger and host Jürgen Hesz

About the project
Paolo Bianchi and Martin Sturm (curators)

Artistic programme
Erich Josef Langwiesner reads Walter Pilar (every hour on the hour)

Bioresonance quartet
Unannounced performances; on the terrace with a view of Karbach
Dr Kurt Druckenthaner (violin 1), Herbert Riedler (violin 2), Johanna De Hoop (viola), Barbara Bade (violoncello)

Where the real and the bizarre meet, “bizarre realism” comes into the world. This neologism was coined by Ebensee writer Walter Pilar, who died in 2018. He and many other contemporary artists show works of unconventional power in the historic Villa Pantschoulidzeff in Traunkirchen.
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The opening will take place exclusively at Villa Pantschoulidzeff, tours can be booked from 19 May 2024.
Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the exhibition.

Globalokal – Building the New

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Villa Pantschoulidzeff
Kalvarienberg 8, 4801 Traunkirchen
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Not suitable for people with reduced mobility.