Premiere: On The Move

An auditive theatre performance on the Traunseetram

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An auditive theatre performance on the Traunseetram

On June 15 and 16 at 4 PM and 6 PM each day, the audio theatre project “On the Move” takes you on an auditory journey that transforms the train ride between Gmunden and Vorchdorf into a new artistic experience.

The starting point is the tram station at Franz-Josef-Platz in Gmunden. From there, the journey first leads to Vorchdorf. Equipped with headphones, you will dive into a fascinating audio theater during the ride. The text by director Alexander Charim (curator for theater at Salzkammergut 2024) borrows passages from the novel “Fliegen” by Albrecht Selge and weaves them into a web of characters voiced by Sona MacDonald (Nestroy Award winner, Kammerschauspielerin), Orlando Klaus, Lukas Watzl, and Jonathan Charim. Combined with the soundscapes by sound designer Friedrich Stockmeier, they create a unique symbiosis of scenic beauty and playful immersion.

A special highlight awaits you on the return trip as well: Dr. Barbara Grabher, renowned scientist and lecturer in event and tourism research at the University of Brighton, will speak about her current research on the region. In her research project “Between Culture and Salt,” Dr. Grabher focuses on the concept of the Anthropocene in the context of Salzkammergut 2024. She particularly examines the role of public transport as a focal point for development in major events.

These special rides on the Traunseetram are a rare opportunity to experience culture, science, and the picturesque landscape of the Salzkammergut in a particularly impressive way. Don’t miss out on these unique rides and secure your tickets for a weekend full of artistic and intellectual highlights.


15 + 16 June 2024, departure is at 16:09 and 18:09
Starting point/ departure: tram station Franz Josef Platz, Gmunden
Destination: via Vorchdorf back to Franz Josef Platz, Gmunden
Duration of the audio theatre: 51 minutes during the journey to Vorchdorf
Duration incl. outward and return journey: approx. 1h45 minutes (arrival 17:42 and 19:42 respectively)
An ID card must be provided as a deposit for the headphones.

Important note: Please note that there are no toilets on the Traunseetram. Toilet visits can only be made at the Gmunden and Vorchdorf stations.

One The Move

The train as a place of everyday anonymity and fleeting encounters becomes the setting for the complex travel and life routes of some of the passengers.
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Event info

Kaiser Franz Josef-Platz
Franz Josef-Platz 9, 4810 Gmunden
Kulturcard 2024, pupils, students, apprentices, senior citizens, people with disabilities + accompanying person, Raiffeisenbank €3,