SALTICE – a fairy tale of salt and ice

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© Artwork by Ruben Zahra. Pop-up paper sculpture by Peter Dahmen


A visually stunning children’s music theatre project inspired by the legends, salt mines and ice caves of the Austrian Salzkammergut with the artistic vision of  pop-up paper sculptures, origami techniques and paper engineering.

For children aged 10 and over.

SALTICE connects children with professional artists for an interdisciplinary production which includes storytelling, music, dance, paper art and videography.

The story, written by Susanne Felicitas Wolf, is inspired by the regional treasure trove of legends, the history of salt mining and the famous ice caves of the Austrian Salzkammergut. The vision of composer and director Ruben Zahra is to adopt paper as the primary material for the costumes, props and set design through the application of origami techniques, pop-up sculptures and paper engineering. The contemporary aesthetic of the mise-en-scène is also reflected in the music and the dances choreographed by Silke Grabinger.

SALTICE includes the participation of a children’s choir, a music ensemble, professional dancers with students from the Landesmusikschule under the direction of Wilhelm Zelch.


Ruben Zahra (Music & Direction)
Susanne Felicitas Wolf (Text)
Silke Grabinger (Choreography)
Peter Dahmen (Pop-up paper sculptures)
Polly VerityKaori Kato (Costumes, props and masks)
Sonja Zobel (Actress), Hannah Durchschlag (Violin I), Elena Anreiter (Violin II), Johanna Zillinger (Viola), Annemaria Kohlndorfer (Cello), Michael Waldl (Percussion)
Wilhelm Zelch (Choir master and conductor), Susanne Kao (Dance teacher), Landesmusikschule Laakirchen
Kirin Espana, Maja Karolina Franke, Tomy Lee Kneringer

Kerstin Glachs (Project Manager)
With the support of: EU Japan Fest

Macht und Tradition

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Papiermachermuseum ALFA Veranstaltungszentrum
Behinderung: from 60% disability -50% discount for yourself and the registered accompanying person, Kulturcard, Upper Austrian Family Card, pupils, students and apprentices up to the age of 26, civil and military service,