Saunatalk #7

Social coldness

03/11/24Sunday, 14:00 - 18:00TraunseeTraunsee, 4810 Gmunden
Plateau Blo
© Violetta Wakolbinger


Social coldness
It’s getting cold outside, so it’s all the nicer to go into a hot sauna. However, the cold often stays inside us, no matter how warmly we heat up. Most of us have good jobs, but for many it’s a different story. Monthly expenses are constantly rising, especially when it comes to additional payments such as heating. And general empathy is not looking good either. We close ourselves off, stay in our bubbles and would rather have fun online than start a real conversation with strangers. Social isolation is a symptom of today’s living conditions and has long since reached the countryside as well as the big cities. Contact between residents is not always better here, control often prevails over communication, and loneliness and marginalisation are just as prevalent here as in urban areas. Before the sauna closes for the season, we want to heat things up for all friends of the floating sauna. So let’s sit close together, rub our bodies and talk about utopias in which every coldness is overcome and we are always warm. Sociologists and philosophers will discuss this together with everyone who cares about social warmth.

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Plateau Blo

Research Station, Sauna, Space for Performance and Exhibition
With PLATEAU BLO, a floating island structure consisting of several platforms moves across Lake Traunsee during the Capital of Culture year.
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Globalokal – Building the New

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Traunsee, 4810 Gmunden