Symposium Hallstattkultur

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Symposium Hallstatt Kultur
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The Hallstatt culture, one of the most important prehistoric cultures in Europe, forms a core part of Austrian and European identity. As part of the European Capital of Culture 2024, the Upper Austrian LKG is organising a symposium on this topic to shed new light on the developments and significance of this culture.

The findings and progress made from the first finds to the present day are of fundamental importance for our understanding of early European history. It is therefore essential to bring these findings together in order to reflect on both the historical and current significance of the Hallstatt culture and also to discuss what can be expected for the future of this research.

Furthermore, there is considerable potential in the interaction between scientists, the local population and tourists. Such a symposium can build a bridge that makes scientific research more accessible and enables citizens to develop a deeper understanding and stronger connection to their regional history and identity. It is not only an opportunity to deepen knowledge about Hallstatt culture, but also to discuss its role and importance in our society today and for the future.

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Kulturhaus Hallstatt
Seestraße 169, 4830 Hallstatt