The abduction from the Salzkammergut

Excursion to Thalgau & Vöcklabruck

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Die Entführung aus dem Salzkammergut
© Georg Herder


Excursion to Thalgau & Vöcklabruck

An excursion to Switzerland encouraged Thalgau’s local politicians. They came up with ideas for the seemingly unsolvable traffic situation. Where 8,000 vehicles roared through the village, they created a missing village square and the first meeting zone on a country road in Austria.
On the bus journey, we learn about architectural guidelines for Ebensee and get in the mood for Vöcklabruck. There, an agenda process has been able to initiate concrete projects to revitalise the town centre. Along the way, an architectural jewel of the Salzkammergut proves that remodelling culture is the future.

Meeting point: 12:50 car park Landungsplatz Ebensee (departure 13:00)
Arrival: 21:30 Ebensee
Registration required:, packed lunch on the bus


  • Conversion of Unterach am Attersee kindergarten
    dunkelschwarz, Hohengasser Wirnsberger Architects
  • Building culture community Thalgau
    John Grubinger (Mayor), Lisa Frenkenberger (Deputy Mayor)
  • “Small town biotope” Vöcklabruck
    Petra Wimmer (Chairwoman)

Dinner at the pizzeria “de Michele” in Vöcklabruck (pizza world champion 2023)
On the bus: Isabel Stumfol (LandLuft), Johannes Meinhart (Regionalmanagement OÖ) Moderation: Anneke Essl, LandLuft

Globalokal – Building the New

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Bahnhof Ebensee Landungsplatz
Hauptstraße 36, 4802 Ebensee