The Door to the Salzkammergut: Opening Concert with The Doors Experience

"The door to the Salzkammergut" will open on many levels!

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The Tür zum Salzkammergut
© Diane Joanis


“An der Alm”, “Industrie”, “Ortsleben – Kultur”, “Ankommen” and “Am Marktplatz”: 5 doors will open up new points of view for guests, tourists and locals in and around Vorchdorf.

No matter whether it is about guessing the answers to riddles, kids discovery paths or door art: in the rooms that are behind the doors, videos invite the viewers to reflect and marvel – using VR glasses, on big screens, via smartphones and co. The Door to the Salzkammergut will be supplemented by a diverse schedule of cultural programming for children and adults.


Jochen Neustifter, Traunsee-Almtal Tourism Association (project promoter)

Christian Haselmayr (Head of Programm Music, Youth, Community Building)

Kultur im Fluss

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