Unconvention – A Search for Traces

Four-day conference with workshops, performances, concerts, literature and networking.

23/05/24Thursday, 10:00Duration 9hWoferlstallKurpark 1, 8983 Bad Mitterndorf
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A critical reflection on the unconventional, counterculture and underground.

Programme: Artistic projects on the theme
(23 – 26 May 2024, during the day)

Following the quote: “Modern arts [are] often an aesthetic expression of countercultures” (Behrens, 1999), “UnConvention” invites artists to explore the topic of counterculture. The performers and visual artists bring the theme to life in a wide variety of formal languages. The reference to Bad Mitterndorf and the region follows an accompanying guiding question of “UnConvention”: “What does counterculture have to do with our region?”. To this end, the Woferlstall presents the following artists with “UnConvention”: Linda Luv, Jacqueline Korber & Nina Fountedakis, Michael Pöllinger, Judith Raupp, Maria Kanzler & Leah Dorner.

Linda Luv (Frankfurt am Main) presents herself with small performative actions in public space, which will culminate in a lecture performance. She deals with the personal everyday space of the mother/woman as a potential for counter-cultural action. Everyday life is an individual space of experience, a space that is revolutionised by her actions “visible disruptive factors”. In the course of the UnConvention days, we will work on examples of performative tactics to produce (each individual) disturbances and thus queer prevailing cultural practices.
Michael Pöllinger (Bad Mitterndorf) known as Pölliösopoda intervenes in public space with the means of a peculiar and publicly accessible hut erected in the town centre. Based on traditional Tippie-like huts built by travelling shepherds, visitors can attend interactive performances during UnConvention. There will also be a “Live Disembarkation” and an invitation to “Bush Craft” (living in and from the forest).
Judith Raupp (Vienna/Munich) will use the public space, in the Bad Mitterndorf area she will trace her Röttingen roots. (Röttingen is a partner municipality of Bad Mitterndorf). Her strongly localised approach will be made comprehensible in a playful act. The coincidence of the card game is intended to mix counter-cultural fragments of the two partner communities and lead to a new historical narrative, a new memory.
Jacqueline Korber (Atzbach & Bad Mitterndorf) will develop a linguistically performative framework in collaboration with Nina Fountedakis (Austria). The themes of punk, anti-sexism and veganism will be interwoven and embedded by the artists in the thesis of veganism as a counterculture in the present day. Jacqueline Korber will visually underpin the readings with one of her renowned photo series.

Project organiser: Association E.I.K.E.-Forum – Woferlstall
Project management Salzkammergut 2024:Lisa Neuhuber / Martina Rothschädl

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Kurpark 1, 8983 Bad Mitterndorf