Unexpected Forces

The audio walk as a live concert

23/06/24Sunday, 16:00Duration 2hKurpark Bad IschlWirerstraße, 4820 Bad Ischl
Ungeahnte Kräfte
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An interactive audio walk uses an app to connect the lives and workplaces of some significant - but in public perception underrepresented - female figures from Bad Ischl.

From the Capital of Culture year onwards, an interactive audio walk will use an app to connect the lives and workplaces of some significant but underrepresented female figures from Bad Ischl: Mileva Nákó, Jenny Gross, Theodor Leschetizky and pupils, Ella Pancera, Olga Hauser, Resi Pesendorfer and the women’s network, Ida Bodanzky, Sophie Lehár. Biographies and works by female composers from a wide range of eras are placed in relation to them. In this way, the enormous scope of women’s work can be experienced intellectually and emotionally despite the severe social and political restrictions on their room for manoeuvre. A commissioned composition in conjunction with a short residency in the “Rosenstöckl” house (requested) enriches the musical repertoire and adds a female-influenced section of its history to the former “composer’s cottage” of important composers.

In 2024, the audio walk makes the places where the composers lived and worked directly accessible in a live concert at various stations along the route and invites people to meet and exchange ideas. Individual works from the music repertoire played on the app will be recorded in advance due to the special instrumentation of the works, their unfamiliarity and the resulting lack of availability. These, the commissioned compositions and the digital presentation of the theme on the app will outlast the Capital of Culture year and make the project a long-term and sustainable experience.

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Kurpark Bad Ischl
Wirerstraße, 4820 Bad Ischl