Windows and Mosaic of Leaves

Grace Ellen Barkey

27/05/24ganztagsDuration 24hKalvarienbergkirche in GosauGosau 579, 4824 Gosau
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Windows and Mosaic of Leaves_ECOC24
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As part of the Capital of Culture 2024, the artist Grace Ellen Barkey is showing the installations "Solastalgia" at the Landungsplatz Ebensee railway station and "Windows and Mosaic of Leaves" at the Kalvarienbergkirche Gosau.

Opening: 20 May 2024, 14:00
Duration: 21 May 2024 - 20 June 2024

In “Windows and Mosaic of Leaves”, Barkey meditates on nature and its transience. The church windows are covered with a photo collage of plants and flowers. Only at second glance does it become clear that the plants depicted are in a state of decay. The focus on these flowers and plants sharpens our perception. In contrast, the floor will be covered with a mosaic of collected, dried leaves.


A Needcompany production

Grace Ellen Barkey (Artist)

Emma van der Put (artistic assistant)

Rune Floryn (Production)

Catholic parish of Gosau (partner)

Simone Barlian (Head of Visual Arts Programme)

Teresa Kranawetter (Assistance Visual Arts)

Kultur im Fluss

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Kalvarienbergkirche in Gosau
Gosau 579, 4824 Gosau