workshop concert: Ensemble Mécanique

with Winfried Ritsch

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Ballet Mécanique
© N. Lackner


The Salzkammergut was a melting pot of the avant-garde in the 19th and 20th centuries. The performance and exhibition of the "Ballet Mécanique" tie in with this tradition and at the same time offer a Salzkammergut version of the visionary masterpiece of classical modernism.

Introduction and workshop concert „Ensemble Mécanique“ with Winfried Ritsch
  • “Velocity Study” by Anton Stuk (Ukraine)
  • “Contrapoint Study” by Bernabei Michele (Italy)
  • “random, delays, transposition for 3 Pianoplayer” by Pinera Diego (Mexico)
  • “minimalistic piece for 3 Pianoplayer + 3 Xylophones and others” by Cho Younje (South Korea)
  • “timbre approximation” 1..3 Piano Player by Alisa Kobzar (Ukraine)
  • a phonola Study by Elisabeth Harnik (Austria)
  • “Fractal Study with ensemble mècanique” by Luka Kozlovacki (Sweden)
  • “Evolution Impro” by Winfried Ritsch (Austria)

In 2019, visual artist Peter Kogler and curator Katrin Bucher-Trantow initiated a reinterpretation of the legendary Ballet Mécanique by American composer George Antheil for Kogler’s exhibition “Connected” at Kunsthaus Graz. The Graz composer Winfried Ritsch subsequently realised this music machine.

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Lehár Theater Bad Ischl