A life for art

A portrait of the writer Hansjörg Zauner by Judith Zillich

The show is dedicated to the Obertraun writer and visual artist Hansjörg Zauner (*1959; † 2017), who was the model for Judith Zillich’s painting for ten years.

(Original title: Ein Dichter aus Obertraun/Zauner/Zillich)

Subject to change
Ein Dichter aus Obertraun
© Judith Zillich

Judith Zillich (Artist, Curator and Project Leader)

Simone Barlian (Head of Programme Visual Arts)
Teresa Kranawetter (Assistance Visual Arts)

July - September 2024

About the project

The exhibition commemorates the Obertraun writer and artist Hansjörg Zauner (* 2 December 1959, † 30 June 2017). Zauner was a model for the painter Judith Zillich (*1969, lives and works in Vienna) for ten years. In the course of their collaboration, 100 paintings in oil on canvas were created. This is probably a unique project worldwide. Shortly after the end of their thoroughly conflictual collaboration, Zauner died. He was an artist who consistently dedicated his life to art and, in a certain way, also perished from it.

Judith Zillich’s pictures make his personality visible in a touching way. In the rooms of the Obertraun Municipal Office, her works from the “pink overall” group of works can be seen; these pictures were created at the beginning of their collaboration and show Zauner in his favourite garment. In the reading room there will be an exhibition of Zauner’s visual work curated by Judith Zillich. This will be complemented by a screening of Zauner’s short films, in which he interprets his poems in experimental self-portrayal. Some of these films have never been presented to the public before.

Hansjörg Zauner (*1959 in Salzburg; † 2017) lived in Vienna and Obertraun. He devoted himself to experimental poetry and prose, visual works and short films. He was editor of the journal for new poetry SOLANDE and the anthology “Gedichte nach 1984 – Lyrik aus Österreich” (with Gerald Jatzek) and Theodor Körner Prize winner for artistic photography. In the 1980s he experimented with self-nude photos. 22 published books with the publishing houses Droschl, Czernin and Ritter, among others.