A Life for the Dachstein

a reading with Bodo Hell

On March 22, the Capital of Culture organized a reading with Bodo Hell. The FriesacherFrauenZimmer are also taking part. A home evening of a special kind.

(Original title: Ein Leben für den Dachstein – Ein Abend mit dem Dichter und Almhirten Bodo Hell)

Subject to change
Bodo Hell
© Martin Leitner

Bodo Hell (Reading)
FriesacherFrauenZimmer (Music)

22. March 2023

About the project

The title of an exhibition about the great geographer and alpine explorer Friedrich Simony can also be applied to the writer Bodo Hell. For more than 40 years, Bodo Hell has been herding his goats on the Dachstein in summer. He knows his area Am Stein better than any scientist. In summer he travels about 1000 kilometers in search of lost animals. Then, when a pass appears behind the hill, all is well again. Bodo Hell documents this everyday life, which is completely opposite to city life, in his diaries from the very beginning. In countless essays and poems, the respect-inspiring Styrian-Upper Austrian mountain massif, the Dachstein, appears again and again.